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Hythe Community Centre

Post by Ian-Raymant » Sat Aug 22, 2020 3:54 pm

Hi Everyone,
The Committee recently received notification that the Hythe Community Centre has re-opened and is available for meetings/gatherings. However all clubs and associations using the facility must abide by the Centre's Covid secure regulations which include cleaning the room, chairs, tables etc after use. In addition to discouraging use of the kitchen area.
At a meeting last evening to discuss this news, members of the Committee considered the revised hiring regulations, the implications of an indoor gathering and how we could reliably maintain the distancing rules. Concluding, to restart conventional meetings would place additional health and safety responsibility on the Committee and indoor gatherings may not be in the best safety interests of the members. It was therefore unanimously agreed not to hold meetings at the Community Centre for the forseeable future. We will continue with the virtual gatherings via Microsoft Teams.
However - it was agreed to increase our outdoor activity and try to set up some additional photoshoots, an idea to which I hope you will all subscribe and hopefully put forward some ideas and places to visit. No car sharing though.
Trevor has agreed to set up a WhatsApp group for us as we thought the app provided a more immediate form of contact. The idea being if one of us decides to go out on photoshoot he or she can put out a WhatsApp message to invite others.
Please let me know your thoughts. I really hope you all agree with the Committee's stance and are "up for" a few extra photo trips out. At least we can meet up !! albeit at a safe distance.
In the meantime Trevor will be in contact via WhatsApp and will let us know when the group has been created.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Best wishes Ian ps happy to help anyone with WhatsApp if needed.

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Re: Hythe Community Centre

Post by Trevor » Sat Aug 22, 2020 6:39 pm

Hi all,

Following on from Ian’s post re meetings. I am setting up a WhatsApp group for members. I have 10 members mobile numbers and will send a WhatsApp message shortly. I don’t have mobile numbers for Alison and Ed. I haven’t included Colin due to where he lives geographically.

The group can be used by anyone who is going out to photograph and would like some company or think it’s interesting to other members. The difference with this communication is that it is instant and members can respond positively or negatively depending on their commitment. It’s felt as we can’t meet at the Hythe this would be a better way to make arrangements for getting together. It’s mainly for outings where there is sufficient space to practise social distancing and where car sharing is to be refrained from. I know several members have expressed an interest in visiting Marks Hall which has a fantastic selection of trees etc in some lovely grounds. Social distancing won’t be a problem as there is plenty of space.

Also we are hoping to try an evening where we can get together to try moon photography. (Michele’s an expert in this👍🏻).

So if Alison and Ed could email me their mobile numbers I can include them in the group. The group will also be very useful in keeping in touch with each other when out on location.

Many thanks, any questions please ask. I believe WhatsApp is available for iOS and android and is free to download.


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