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Post by Lisa » Thu Nov 12, 2020 10:10 am

Hi Everyone,
Please find the link to the new forum

It looks quite different to this one but it works in a similar way. I actually think it is easier to use but that might be because I am very familiar with WordPress.

Only people invited by Admin can become members so I will be sending out an invite to you all. To use the forum, you will need to have a account, although it is public so you can still read it without an account - you just can't post.

When you click the accept button, WordPress will ask you to join the forum with either an existing account or create an account if you don't yet have one. When choosing a username, bear in mind that the one you may want to use has probably been taken as it has to be unique so you may have to be a little creative. I know Phil has an active WP account and others may still have theirs from yonks ago when I did a session of having a WP website.

The home page of the forum looks like this:
Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 19.14.29.jpg
Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 19.14.29.jpg (157.87KiB)Viewed 2437 times
I have circled:
  • the three lines opens the menu where you can navigate to the relevant section

  • an example of how your username is used as opposed to your display name which you can have whatever you want ( eg. username lisajanescott display name Lisa)

  • choose how you would like the posts to display either in summary form as I have or if you prefer have the contents of the post displayed in full - it defaults to the expanded option.
Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 19.17.50.jpg
Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 19.17.50.jpg (137.1KiB)Viewed 2437 times
New topics are called 'posts'.
Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 19.24.19.jpg
Screenshot 2020-11-11 at 19.24.19.jpg (133.21KiB)Viewed 2437 times
To reply to a post click the reply button and type in the box. To receive email notifications of new replies, click the Follow button.

This is just a starter. I am sure you will have lots of questions.
You will be able to start your own photo galleries - I created one of my own to show you how it would work.
Perhaps I can show you how in our next zoom meeting??

The forum is a new development from and is still in beta stage although it has been used internally at WP HQ for 10 years. I participate on the development forum so if we need to report any bugs or want to request any features, I'll be in a position to do so.

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