Colne Barge Match 2019

A trip out anyone?
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Colne Barge Match 2019

Post by PhilBrew » Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:11 pm

The Colne Barge Match takes place on Saturday 7 September.

There will be three starts - The Thames Barges will start at 09.30, Sailing Smacks at 10.00 and Winklebrigs at 10.30.

A great place to view and photograph them is the East Mersea Stone at the most easterly point of Mersea Island.

All will pass East Mersea Stone very shortly after the starts from Batemans Tower, Brightlingsea

There is a small (5 or 6 cars) free car park up East Road, just 5 minutes walk to the Stone.

Otherwise use the car park at Cudmore Grove, East Mersea and walk across the grass to the shore then turn left and follow the path east - allow say 20minutes from arriving at Cudmore Grove. Car drivers are advised to have a fistful of £1 coins to pay for the car park as the card payment system is reportedly unreliable.
Not sure whether I'll be able to be there myself, but should be a great photo opportunity. Phil


Re: Colne Barge Match 2019

Post by Robbo » Thu Aug 29, 2019 7:34 pm

The Stars appear not to be aligning for me and CS. I’m in Cornwall, again 😟

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