Colne Barge Match 2018

A trip out anyone?
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Colne Barge Match 2018

Post by PhilBrew » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:35 pm

The Colne Barge Match is for Sailing Smacks and Thames Sailing Barges. It takes place on Saturday 15 September and will involve around a dozen or so barges plus a similar number of smacks. The start is from Bateman Tower in Brightlingsea at the end of Brightlingsea prom at 07.30. The best places onshore from which to watch and photograph will be either East Mersea Stone or the sea wall at Bateman Tower. The course usually runs from Brightlingsea, out of the river, around to a buoy off Clacton Pier and back. The race is expected to end at around 16.30.

Should be pretty photogenic!


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