How is everyone ?

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How is everyone ?

Post by Ian-Raymant » Sun Mar 29, 2020 2:46 pm

Hello everyone,

This is just a brief post to check on everyone, send my good wishes and hope you are all ok.
Please let me know how things are with you and your families. Let’s share the angst !!

We are in difficult and uncertain times for sure but let’s hope by abiding by the rules the situation will ease and we can all return to some form of normality.

The dogs are certainly getting plenty of long walks, they’ll be glad when things return to normal. !!

From our side my wife has temporarily closed her complimentary therapy business and I locked down our factory last Tuesday. I’m now working 100% from home which is really odd. No virus related symptoms to report thankfully.

Please share your news

Take care and stay well.

Best wishes


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Re: How is everyone ?

Post by Trevor » Sun Mar 29, 2020 3:16 pm

Hi Ian, thanks for the shout out. Glad you and your wife are okay.

Working from home isn’t too bad is it? At least you don’t have any travelling and the tea and biscuits are constantly on hand 😂.

Our self isolation is okay really. I have sorted out umpteen draws and cupboards and done quite a bit in the garden.

My wife is working from home too but on reduced hours which is nice.

Photography wise been looking at what can be achieved at home. Not much really but that’s the fun I suppose, it’s a way of keeping in touch with the controls etc.

Apart from walking the dog it’s all quiet here.

Be safe and look after yourselves everyone.



Jim Spurgeon
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Re: How is everyone ?

Post by Jim Spurgeon » Sun Mar 29, 2020 5:52 pm

Hi Ian and Trevor

Yes all is fine here. Nicky is now working from home. Unfortunately I'm still at work. They say that as construction is still working and we supply construction then we will carry on. Feels morally wrong with the ever worsening situation. Naturally we are all trying to give each other as much space as possible, quite comical at times as it's like a real life game of Pacman 🤣.

Not done anything with the camera at the moment but I'm sure I'll still get plenty of time. I did post a couple of group display ideas on here, definitely think 'In The Garden' could be a winner as that's about the only place we can shoot.

Keep safe and keep well. Look forward to actually getting together again in the future (hopefully not too distant).


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Re: How is everyone ?

Post by Lisa » Sun Mar 29, 2020 6:34 pm

Jim Spurgeon wrote:
Sun Mar 29, 2020 5:52 pm
I did post a couple of group display ideas on here, definitely think 'In The Garden' could be a winner as that's about the only place we can shoot.
Yes good idea, I did think I may be posting a chooky pic or two :). I've got a couple of new photogenic ladies :).

David was sent home from Jardine Motors on Tuesday so it is like he has retired all over again. I've got some website work for the next couple of weeks then nada so will try and get the new shiny WordPress Creative Shots website up and running. When the wind stops I would like to take some flower portraits with the new macro lenses I have purchased for my lensbaby lenses but not yet used (not quite sure how yet). I also thought I might learn how to use the video part of my camera so I can keep my Mum updated with what's going on in my garden. I know I can use my phone but I don't have much memory :(.

I've also got lots of guitar practise, genealogy and gardening to keep me busy. I will be leaving my ironing pile until I run out of excuses!

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Re: How is everyone ?

Post by Richie » Mon Mar 30, 2020 8:01 pm

Hi All,
We’re all well in the Cunningham household, however my son Tom has Ulcerated Colitis and is on immune suppression meds which put him on the at higher risk list. Because of this I have made he decision last Tuesday to isolate Tom, myself and my wife. Bit of a choker because I work for myself and therefore not out earning any wages! Not sure if I will qualify for government help as of yet, not holding my breath though!
So far decorated the office and half way through insulating the conservatory roof - what a bugger of a job that’s turning out to be!
Hope you’re all well and keeping virus free. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting, whenever that may be.
Not much of a gardener so may only be able to offer some pics of shrubs!
Keep safe,

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