A broken man...but still smiling

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Jim Spurgeon
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A broken man...but still smiling

Post by Jim Spurgeon » Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:05 pm

For those who are wondering how I got on at my Man versus Mountain event....well, sit comfortably and I shall begin.
Friday night I probably got about 2.5hrs sleep, not uncomfortable in the cottage we'd rented but unable to settle was all. I still felt good Saturday morning and ready for the event. Things were great until about 10 miles in (just starting the serious ascent of Snowdon). My energy levels went through the floor, never before have I felt so exhausted so quickly. Encouraged by my 2 colleagues I struggled on determined the mountain wasn't going to deny me my summit again. Conditions were still pretty grim. I did summit with my friends but then told them to go on ahead as I knew at that point (about 14 miles done of 22) that to finish was risking injury. I had severe cramps from ankles to groin in both legs, at some points nearly bringing me to my knees. I slowly made my way down to the event village to retire, still with 18 miles done, but totally devastated at not completing the event. I have never NOT finished an event. Now that I've digested what happened I know that on that day it wasn't meant to be, plus the fact you cannot push your body beyond its limits. My 2 colleagues completed it in about 5.5hrs. Below is a link to my YouTube video to give you an idea of what it was like.

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